Hello.  I'm Mandy Green, a regular community woman who grew up in Orem, Utah.  I first experienced the wide world as a missionary in post-communist, Moscow Russia Mission. I graduated from BYU with a B.A in the Humanities and an emphasis in English Literature.  My graduate studies include: Mythology, Egyptian Religion, Hermeticism, Koine Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Mary Magdalene and grail legends.  My mid-life crisis consisted of dying my hair and rainbow of colors and spending a semester at Hebrew University studying archaeology...

the decided career for my next life!    


I'm married to an exceptional human, Brent Green, and we are the proud, if not perplexed, parents of three vivacious, smart,

beautiful and sometimes salty children.


I LOVE learning, great literature, leather jackets, laughing, marshmallows, flamingos and my family.


I currently teach Biblical Hebrew and a Mary Magdalene courses online

and lead international tours all over the globe and produce and host my new podcast, "Reflecting Light." 


To me, the only thing better than experiencing something for the first time is introducing it to someone else.  So, let's share an english scone, a Shabat at the Western Wall, or some of illuminating truths we've learned from the great women and men who came before us.