Thanksgiving Greetings and Assignment

Here is a link to download a PDF of "the GRAND INQUISITOR" as promised. I've also included a few of my best attempts at Ensign pictures. The first is called, "Bagels at the Baptism of my Best Friend's Offspring" and the second is called, "Sister Acts." Both are part of my best wishes for a wonderful THANKSGIVING holiday, sponsored by "Del TACO" unofficially of course!


I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Melissa Moyle as a guest for her new podcast "ALL GOOD THINGS." In the podcast we talk about how I have found what I am passionate about and how to plug into your divine purpose. We also talk about the barriers that stand in the way of us doing that and how to overcome them. And of course, we talk about God, Jesus Christ, Templar Knights, diet Coke and lots of other wonderful things. If you are interested, here is a link to the podcast. I'm featured in Episode 2. Happy listening!

Guest Lecturer: Tamara Hall

For those of you fortunate enough to hear this tremendous speaker and her amazing message, I have a treat for you! She forwarded me her talk from WOMENS CONFERENCE and asked that I share it with you! So here it is! A hard copy for you to study and ponder. Happy reading! Proverb of a Virtuous Woman Five years ago I began my study of the Hebrew language. I had hit a milestone in my life when my youngest went to pre-school and I had three hours, three days a week all to myself. I was quite delirious with excitement at the prospects of all that I could do, by myself, and for myself. I was going to reinvent me and figure out what “my thing" was-what I enjoyed, what I could do just for me. I e



Teenagers, missionaries, aging, letting the world go and lots of Coke Zero.
Coming alive again through study, prayer, mindfulness, great friends and LOTS of love and laughter.

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