I am pleased to offer two ONLINE courses in Beginning Biblical Hebrew!

Beginning Biblical Hebrew is a 12 lesson course will instruct you in the Hebrew alphabet, some basic biblical vocabulary and some of the ancient symbols and images of religious significance.  Lessons are distributed in a pre-recorded format on ZOOM,  with two additional LIVE sessions provided for general Q & A.  Each lesson is on the cloud for 3 weeks to provide you the opportunity to view each lesson in your own timeframe.   

The next beginning course will start  January, 2021.

Cost for the course is $150.


The text for the course is "TEACH YOURSELF TO READ HEBREW," by Simon and Anderson and can be found on Amazon with an audio companion.



If you have completed the beginning course, and would love to continue your studies,

please register for the Intermediate Course.  

This class follows the same format as the beginning course and is the same price, $150 for the 14 sessions.


The Text for that course is:   https://amzn.to/2IyyIB3

The First Hebrew Primer: The Adult Beginner's Path to Biblical Hebrew,

Third Edition by Ethelyn Simon

(As an Amazon associate, I earn points from purchases.)

To register, please visit the "SIGNUPS" page and

complete the required information. 

You will be then be contacted with a course login, syllabus

and payment information.

Who would have guessed that despite 2020’s downside, it would bring me the bright light of Biblical Hebrew classes online with Mandy Green?  I have taken both the Beginning and the Intermediate 1 class and feel that I have a good solid foundation to build upon with this complex language.  At the completion of the Beginning classes, I was able to read Hebrew words.   The Intermediate class is now building grammar, vocabulary and comprehension of what I am reading.  It is exciting!  It has certainly enriched my all around scripture study!!  


It is a subject that requires daily effort to be successful, but Mandy Green certainly makes learning  Biblical Hebrew entertaining!  A 5 star rating from me.   


Bobbie Poppleton

West Linn, Oregon

Marble Surface


 Beginning Biblical Hebrew has been one of the most satisfying and enriching things I've done for myself, my intellect, and my spirituality in a long time! Even though the class only goes through the rudiments of the Hebrew alphabet (I should say, aleph-bet!), it's remarkable how much it has already broadened and enlarged my understanding of so many spiritual ideas. From an intellectual perspective, it feels like it's stretched and awakened parts of my brain I haven't used in a long time! I feel enlivened by the new concepts, symbols, and ideas, and it's absolutely thrilling! Mandy is an outstanding teacher--patient, flexible, and inspired. She's always happy to answer questions (of all sorts), and her love for the subject is so evident and contagious. I can't wait for the next level, and hope to keep up my studies far into the future.

Melinda Brown,

Author of "Eve and Adam: Discovering the Beautiful Balance"


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